With the drop of the new movie trailer, we have gone into full Mortal Kombat mode over here. In light of how incredible it looks, Lee A and Kayleigh thought they’d do a little question time. Get over here and have a read.

What is your favourite fatality and why?

Lee A: For me, it has to be Baraka’s one where he casually peels off his opponents face, stabs out their brain with his arm blades and eats it. It’s everything a fatality should be – brutal and deliciously gory. Very satisfying to do to an opponent that’s extra annoying.

Kayleigh: Oooh this is a tough one. There are many fatalities that have caught my attention throughout the years, but I’m going to go with one of Mileena’s. Man Eater is one of the best known finishers in Mortal Kombat, it debuted in MKII and was last seen in MKX. Mileena quite literally inhales her opponent before regurgitating their bones or blood. It is quick, brutal and vintage Mileena.

If you were to join a Mortal Kombat faction, which one would it be?

Lee A: It would have to be the Lin Kuei… because ninjas. Although I’d be a terrible ninja. I’d be the one they sent in as a distraction, while they do their ninja stuff.

Kayleigh: Ditto. Ninjas are everything. Sure, none of my top three fighters are part of the Lin Kuei, but they are badass, awesome and quite frankly, could do with two headless chickens to run around as a distraction.

You are a Mortal Kombat fighter, what is your name? Do you have special powers? If so, what are they?

Lee A: I would be Lee-the-enlightened-poet. My special power would be reciting poetry at my opponent until they question their own reality… and their heads explode.   

Kayleigh: It would simply be…Kayleigh. As for a special power, I would beat the crap out of my foes through the power of underestimation. They wouldn’t be expecting “just Kayleigh” to hand their asses to them.

Opinion on non-Mortal Kombat warriors entering the arena?

Lee A: I personally love that they include non-MK characters in the game. Who wouldn’t want to fight Scorpion as Spawn, or Sub-zero with Rambo? Even better, you can finally put to the test some of the coolest movie icons – like The Terminator versus Robocop. They add so much diversity, to an already diverse line up, and the possibilities are endless.

Kayleigh: Love it! The inclusion of other characters helps to keep things fresh. Over the years, there have been several high-profile additions including Freddy Kruger, Jason Vorhees, the Xenomorph, Spawn, Terminator, Rambo, etc. Just think of all the dream matches that are to be had here!

What are your thoughts on the trailer for the new movie? Which character are you most looking forward to seeing?

Lee A: Eeeeeeeeeek – was the noise I believe I made while watching the trailer for the first time. It was the very excited, and very relieved, sound of someone that had been waiting for the trailer, for what feels like forever. It looks incredible. It looks brutal. It looks like everything MK should be and deserves to be. Given its superb casting of Scorpion, I am most looking forward to seeing him in action. Played by Hiroyuki Sanada (the badass guy from The Last Samurai), you just know this portrayal of Scorpion will be perfect.     

Kayleigh: Oh my fucking god! It is happening, after so long, after so many set backs, we are finally getting the new Mortal Kombat movie! Like Lee, I may have squealed, it looks like everything I dreamed it would be – gory, violent, brutal. Oh, and it actually features a decent array of fighters, my inner fangirl was screaming at all those familiar faces.

The ultimate question… Sub-zero or Scorpion?

Lee A: Scorpion. Always Scorpion. He’s an undead ninja with the powers of hellfire. His iconic “get over here,” is one of the coolest things in gaming history. With a moving backstory, and a rage-fuelled thirst for revenge, he is the ultimate anti-hero.      

Kayleigh: Secret option C, Mileena. Okay, if I have to choose between Scorpion and Sub-Zero (neither of which are in my top three) then I would have to also go with Scorpion. He is legendary, who doesn’t love Scorpion!? He has one of the best, yet most tragic, backstories in the franchise. Furthermore, as Lee has already mentioned, his “get over here” is so iconic. Even if you haven’t played Mortal Kombat, you have heard those words.

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