At long last, the trailer for the reboot of Mortal Kombat has dropped, and its looks as gloriously gory as it should be.

The new movie has been a long time coming, with several rumours swirling around in recent years. Yet, finally, the world gets to see where the reboot is heading, and it is safe to say that I cannot wait to come along for the ride.

Mortal Kombat is, by its very essence, a brutal and violent series, filled to the brim with fascinating characters and superhuman abilities.

Thankfully, the rebooted film appears to have included many fan-favourite characters.

I, for one, was excited to see Mileena. I have no shame in admitting to finding the half Tarkatan psycho strangely attractive. Until she uses her sais to turn me into a shish kebab, but that’s beside the point.

Other fighters to have made the cut include Sonya Blade, Kano, Kung Lau, Liu Kang and Raiden. Of course, the inclusion of franchise front men Scorpion and Sub-Zero goes without saying.

From the trailer, it is clear that the film is of a much higher budget than those created in the nineties, though I can appreciate those movies nonetheless; they were silly and fun.

The combat sequences appear to be insane, with each character being brought to life in a spectacular way. It will be a pleasure to see the story of Mortal Kombat roll out on the big screen, and I’m calling it now; this is the start of a new string of films.

Time will tell how Jax Briggs, Liu Kang and Sonya Blade fare in saving the world from fellow kombatants such as Shang Tsung and Goro.

Oh, and you may have to watch the trailer several times, it is filled with the brim with little easter eggs just waiting to be discovered by fans.

Mortal Kombat will hit theatres on April 16th, should COVID allow, and HBO Max. Are you excited to see Mortal Kombat? Is your favourite fighter featured? Let us know.