Among the games previewed for release on Xbox Series X, nothing quite stood out like Scorn.

Since then, Scorn has been a discussion point for many a journalist and YouTuber, with its disturbing aesthetic and graphically grotesque visuals being a common theme. Having been in production since 2014, the game has had many setbacks, but now, it is finally almost upon us.

As we can from the gameplay preview, Scorn is a first-person horror shooter, promising an atmospheric playthrough like no other. Everything is alive in Scorn. The ground walked upon is made of flesh. The walls are made of sinew. Strange machines are armed with ichor-dripping proboscis. Enemies are the spawn of some sci-fi fuelled nightmare. Guns live and breathe, and upon reloading, it’s evident that the bullets are in fact all-devouring creatures with teeth.

In this biomechanical setting, we see labyrinth like corridors, reminiscent of the Alien franchise. Finding keys to progress our playthrough in this maze, whilst shooting at a nightmarish assortment of enemies, should prove quite the challenge. This structure is similar to that of Doom, but judging from the preview, at a much slower pace. There will be no running and jumping around opponents with all guns blazing, but rather a methodical approach, focused on survival mechanics and exploration. This will give players a chance to fully immerse themselves in this Gigeresque creation.

One of the more interesting features of Scorn is its apparent lack of a HUD. This will make for a truly cinematic experience, by taking away at-a-glance information, such as ammo count and an objective marker. Players will need to look inside the innards of their gun to see how many face-gnawing critters they have left to fire. Imagine the panic inducing scenario where you’re frantically trying take down a monster, but you have awkwardly forgot to check your ammo count before the encounter. This will surely add an intensity to its horror element.  And with the outstanding capabilities of the Xbox series X, Scorn is set to be graphically impressive, furthering the immersion of this unique horror title.

Although these points are based on early builds of the game, gamers can assume that this is the direction that the developer, Ebb Software, is heading. However, after a substantial amount of time in development, Xbox and PC players cannot be sure until its eventual release.     

Originally a Kickstarter backed development, Scorn was set to be released on PC, with the intention of it making a leap to the Xbox One and PS4.  After a series of delays, and apparent graphical enhancements, we can assume that Ebb Software will no longer be releasing this title to the older generation of console. So far, Scorn has only been confirmed for the Xbox series X, along with a PC version available on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft store. Nothing has been mentioned at this point for a PlayStation 5 release. The extended gameplay trailer announced that Scorn will be released in October 2021, but with its history of delays, who can be sure.