Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has just gained 19 million players, after it was offered as a free game in the Epic Game store at the end of last month. This is huge news for the game, after its questionable release in 2017. With a poor release, in terms of stability and balance, it also had players fuming with a clear pay-to-win system and overpriced cosmetics. However, do not fear – I can confirm that there is no longer a single loot box in sight. Having realised this serious lapse in judgment, its publisher soon removed all microtransaction content.   

Having played Battlefront 2 myself for the past few months, I can certainly see why this influx has happened. It is just a great game, especially for Star Wars fans and regulars of the massive multiplayer-shooter genre. Since its release, it has been crammed full of new content, including new maps, characters, and cosmetics. Never has charging a blaster-line with Darth Vader, or gunning down Storm troopers with Han Solo, felt so bad-ass. And there’s a lot of content and gameplay here. There are numerous game modes, including hero battles and massive-scale dominion maps. All this, with a great (but short) story-driven campaign and character customisation, you’ll be playing for hours… trust me.        

Despite its early issues of server stability, overpriced microtransactions and loot box system, Battlefront 2 is now an exceptional game and Star Wars experience. All of the questionable content has been removed, performance is near perfect and it’s now better than ever. Even with the free game offer now being over, it’s definitely still worth picking up or downloading for free with EA pass. Give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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