The Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition has sold out in the UK.

Fans of the survival horror franchise may be disappointed, as the pricey edition of Resident Evil Village is now sold out at GAME, across all platforms.

Pre-orders for the £220 Collector’s Edition went live on GAME’s website last Friday, following the highly anticipated Resident Evil Showcase on Thursday, January 21st.

As part of the event, fans were given the release date for Resident Evil Village, as well as details on each version of the game. Pre-orders went live that same day.

However, fans in the UK clearly can’t wait to get their hands on the Village Collectors Edition. On PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X, the game is sold out. Fans will now need to settle for the standard or digital deluxe versions of Resident Evil Village.

There is a good reason for the costly edition selling out, and that is series protagonist Chris Redfield. However, it would appear as though he could be batting for the other team in Resident Evil Village.

As part of the Collectors Edition, consumers would be treated to a statue of Chris which is sure to look good alongside Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine for those who picked up Collector’s version of the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 Remakes.

On top of a Chris figure, players will receive a large cloth map, an art print, art book, a trauma pack DLC card and a steelbook. Of course, a physical version of the game comes with it too.

Fortunately, this Resident Evil fanatic managed to secure her Collector’s Edition for PS5. Did you?