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Poetry: Elevate.

My love of fate. This denial of hate. These words I create. With my heart, ablaze, beyond realities, I will elevate. To circumnavigate these clouds. To deny the crowds. My soul is all I need.   #poetry #elevate #soul #clouds (Also published on

Recovery of Existence.

I want to shatter into a thousand shards, just so I can see it all. I want my roots to bury themselves, deep, into the mud, just so I can feel everything… or something. I want for escape, to breathe the clean and cold air. I want for absence, solitude, without care.   Something is […]

Days Gone is coming to PC

It’s official. Sony will bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC, starting with survival horror hit Days Gone. The developer behind the former PlayStation exclusive took to Twitter to confirm the news. This is a good thing, right? More players get to experience some truly great games, and Sony stands to make even more money, so […]

Possessor by Brandon Cronenberg Movie Review.

“There’s much more explored in this movie, but in its most basic form, I think it’s a story about identity, and the dangers of losing it to conformity, constructed reality and expectance.” Firstly, this was one of the weirdest movie’s I’ve watched in a long time, and I loved it. It was gory and clever, […]

Total War: Warhammer III is Incoming this Year.

Total War has ruled the RTS scene for a while now, and the new addition to the series looks full of fantasy mayhem. Just check out the trailer Creative Assembly have just unleashed upon the world.   In the trailer we see a mighty battle, that Warhammer (the miniature game) fans will instantly recognise as […]


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